How to tell if your hair is healthy? Tips for Strong Hair

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How to tell if your hair is healthy? Tips for Strong Hair

How to tell if your hair is healthy? Tips for Strong Hair

When your hair doesn’t feel or look the way you expect it to, How to tell if your hair is healthy?. Well, you can start to wonder whether it’s healthy. It’s possible, though, that your hair isn’t as unhealthy or damaged as it seems.

  • You Have Minimal Shedding. …
  • Your Texture Is Smooth. …
  • Your Hair Responds Well To Moisture. …
  • Your Scalp Is Free Of Dandruff. …
  • You Experience Minimal Breakage. …
  • Your Locks Are Shiny. …
  • Your Hair Has Elasticity.
How to tell if your hair is healthy

After a Trim, Your Hair Feels Amazing.

According to hairdresser Dana Caschetta, Eufora national trainer and hairstylist, it’s common for people to mistakenly believe their hair is damaged or “fried” when in fact, they only need a trim. It demonstrates that the hair is not harmed from the root down if a haircut eliminates dead ends.

Your Hair Looks Shiny

A professional hairdresser explains to INSIDER that “shiny hair is a consequence of dispersing the natural oil from your scalp all throughout your hair,” he says. As a result, if your hair seems glossy, it might indicate that the natural oils in your hair are dispersed evenly.

Shampooing and Brushing Cause Hair Loss.

Guilin told INSIDER that shedding hair during the shampooing and brushing process is a sign of healthy hair. Hair has a growth cycle, and new hair will come in to replace what you’ve lost, so shedding is perfectly natural and healthy. Even a little amount of hair loss is no reason for alarm, but excessive hair loss may warrant an appointment with your hairdresser or doctor.

You Have Tangle-Free Hair.

The pain and damage caused by tangled hair may be excruciating, especially if you try to detangle it yourself and cause breaking and the like. “As soon as hair begins to split, it becomes tangled and damaged. Split ends may be avoided if you give your hair a monthly cut to maintain it healthy “

It’s Growing, Albeit Slowly.

“Healthy hair grows at a pace of around one-fourth of an inch each month; anything less than that is a symptom of internal problems,” says hairdresser Kali Ferrara. The excessive shedding might also indicate an inside condition, such as a shortage of vitamins, a thyroid disorder or an adverse response to drugs. On the other hand, if you observe a quarter- to a half-inch of new hair growth each month, your hair is still in good health. If your hair appears to be growing at a snail’s pace for a long period of time, you may wish to see your doctor.

Stretching Without Breaking

When you brush your hair, you may get an excellent idea of how healthy your hair is. Erma Williams-Nurse, a qualified master barber, said, “One way to determine is by the amount of flexibility that the hair has.” As long as the hair doesn’t snap when being brushed or combed, it’s a sign of healthy hair.

Hair Retains Moisture

According to Williams-Nurse, another possible sign of your hair’s health is the amount of moisture it can retain. In addition, there’s a method for determining how much moisture your hair can keep. Lauren Fink, a hairdresser at Spa Pechanga, advised INSIDER to “throw some hair in a dish of water.” “Floating fish indicate good health. Damaged hair is porous, allowing water to penetrate and resulting in the hair being submerged in water.”

You Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet

So if you’re already following a well-balanced diet, you’re giving yourself an edge when it comes to maintaining good hair. A balanced diet containing healthy fats, such as avocados, is all you need to get started on the right path.

Ferrara told INSIDER that

“Beautiful hair is a reflection of a healthy person on the inside.”

Touchable and Smooth

You may be able to tell whether your hair is healthy based on how it feels when you touch it. Fink said, “When you run your fingers through your hair, it should be silky and soft.” Isn’t this an indication that your hair is becoming brittle because of the dryness, resulting in split ends?

Signs of Unhealthy Hair

As soon as you discover any indications of unhealthy hair, start using correct haircare practices to prevent further damage. Hair and scalp problems, in particular, may continue for years, and you’ll be forced to put up with having less-than-ideal hair for the duration of that time. Hair loss may be caused by a variety of factors and may take months or years to repair. A typical cause of hair damage is excessive bleaching and dyeing, which weakens the fibres. If you’re unsure, seek the advice of a hairdresser.

Four indications if you have unhealthy hair:

Split Ends

To begin, take a moment to examine your hair in a mirror. Split ends may be detected by looking for split shafts. Locks that aren’t properly cared for might become progressively vulnerable over time. A standard trim should be plenty. At least once a week, deep conditioning your hair may improve split ends.

Dull-Looking Hair

Smooth, shiny hair with closed and well-nourished shafts is a sign of healthy hair. Consequently, it may seem shiny under the appropriate lighting. However, if your hair lacks shine even in the presence of strong light, it may be a sign that your hair is unhealthy. Damaged hair may be over-damaged, so even a deep-conditioning treatment may not bring much shine to it.

Frizzes and Tangles

Healthy hair, as previously noted, feels silky under your fingertips. But if you encounter any difficulties, you may end up with damaged or unhealthy locks. The strands of healthy hair will move against each other with their cuticles flat on the surface. A raise in the cuticles is a sign of unhealthy hair. As a result, your hair is more likely to develop frizzes, tangles, and finally breaking as a result. How to tell if your hair is healthy is a complete article that gives you signs and Ideas about when you need to take care and when you should realize the Health of Your hair.


We all have thoughts about healthy hair. Perhaps you value brevity. You may be volume-obsessed. Some people value shine. All of these things affect hair health. Identifying damaged hair is also crucial. Split ends, breakage, and brittle strands are hair’s sworn enemies. Chlorine pools, heat styling equipment, and back-to-back dye treatments also damage hair.

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