7 Best Ways to Treat Anxiety Without Medication 

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7 Best Ways to Treat Anxiety Without Medication 

7 Best Ways to Treat Anxiety Without Medication 

Anxiety is feeling uneasy, worried, and nervous with physical symptoms like stress. This happens when one feels immediate danger, disaster, or bad luck. It is a very common and normal way people react to stress. It can be good in some situations, like letting us know when there is danger and helping us get ready for certain situations.  

Probably, one out of three people have some kind of anxiety in their life and it can show up in different ways. Sometimes you feel it in your body like you are tense or your stomach is really upset so you can feel it in your body. For some people anxiety is a chronic illness, they get it genetically. You can have the best way to treat anxiety without medication.  

Anxiety Disorders:

Anxiety disorders are different from normal feelings of being anxious and include fear and then it makes it hard to do simple activities. Knowing the signs of anxiety disorders is the first step towards making sure it does not lead to mental health problems. Many people do not seek help for anxiety. Anxiety can be treated and help is available.  

Treat Anxiety Without Medication 

Anxiety disorders are such as:  

● Phobias  

● Panic attacks  


There are many ways to treat anxiety. Mental health professionals can treat anxiety using talk or behavior therapy with or without medicine. The ways to treat anxiety are both medication and non-medication. It is your choice, If you want to choose to treat your anxiety without depending on medication then the Best way to treat anxiety without medication you can try are: 

1.Exercising : 

Exercising for anxiety is helpful and the reason is that when you exercise and you do cardio or any type of exercise which makes you sweat a lot and makes your heart is beating really fast it helps you to burn the chemical named Adrenaline. This chemical is involved in anxiety. So, exercise is a really great way to start cutting off your anxiety.  

2. Proper sleep routine: 

 The second best way to treat your anxiety without medication is sleep. Sleep is really important, if you don’t get enough sleep, you are definitely going to be more anxious. It is kind of the sleep routine that sometimes is more important than the total amount of sleep. So, instead of worrying about your eight hours of sleep or going to bed at the same time, waking up at the same time, your place of sleep being quiet or dark and calm, you should focus on your sleep routine.  

best ways to Treat Anxiety Without Medication 

3. Socialize: 

Number three best way to treat anxiety without medication is getting out of bed and socializing and doing things. One very common thing with anxiety is that you start worrying about everything. When you overthink a lot, gradually you start assuming things, so you might worry like when I will be driving, what if I face an accident and then what will happen? or if I go to this person’s place and then what if anxiety hits me, what I am going to do then?

This is anticipating and that can build up and up and over time people can get even trapped in their homes because they worry about leaving. It is certainly a thing that you don’t want to happen to you. So, get out and try to get over some of those worries.  

4. Being mindful: 

Another thing that is the best way to treat anxiety without medication is the idea of mindfulness. It is also very helpful. It means to be aware of your own emotions and feelings. This is actually pretty hard to do, this is where you try to identify what thoughts are popping into my head how do I feel, how do I feel my body, how do I feel my emotions and trying to step back from yourself and kind of observe how are you feeling. Sometimes this exercise can really help with the anxiety because just the – process of stepping back and observing things can really bring down the intensity of anxiety.  

5. Change your lifestyle:

Start living healthier and you will notice a good difference. Do a lot of physical activities, eat healthily, meditate and stay healthy. 

Anxiety reduction treatment

6. Focus on yourself: 

 Having education and information about your anxiety will help you very much and you will understand yourself better. Consider psychotherapy, TMS treatment, and floatation tanks.  

7. Monitoring is the key:

 Check if you are getting any better. If you get better then keep checking that you don’t go to that anxious phase again. So that you can catch it before it gets really bad.  

There are a lot of different kinds of talk therapies that professionals use for anxiety. The most likely one is called commutive behavior therapy. It is a form of therapy that you do with the counselor or psychiatrist and you focus on your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviors, and your exercises. 

 Sometimes you diagram things, sometimes you take homework that you work on in your sessions, sometimes you practice with your therapist and you really gain that confidence thing by doing these homework exercises and by what you have learned.  

There are other kinds of therapies too that don’t involve medicine and are the best way to treat anxiety without medication. Some of them are called supportive therapy and personal therapy and a lot of different kinds. Treating anxiety with medication is not the only solution.  

Psychiatrists are not just about medications some are but many out there like to do therapy as well. So just because you will see psychiatrists don’t assume that they will force you to take medicines they might be just happy to do some therapy with you.  


Everything is possible if you once decide to do it. If you want to overcome your anxiety, Just be determined and try all of the methods mentioned above. Anxiety can be cured without medication. It is all about your determination. However, You can always seek professional help for the best treatment of anxiety without medication.  

Be patient and trust the process!

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