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Best Day to Start a Diet | Complete Guide for Diet

Best Day to Start a Diet | Complete Guide for Diet

If you are looking for a massive change in your life, especially your diet, you are confused about starting it. This confusion will undoubtedly delay the changes you are looking for in your better feeling. Here are some specific days that could help you more to start your diet.

You have decided that it’s time to reduce the candies. Maybe the gym is a little more often, but what is the best day to start a diet? Many people choose Mondays, the first of the month, or another special day to change their lifestyle. So, are they the best days, or is there an unexploited secret day we should know? Keep reading to find out!


Ready to start a new habit and stay there Choose one of these days!


As a cliché that it sounds, research show Monday can be the best day to start a diet. You know that “new start of the week, new me,” “I can take on the world,” you sometimes feel? Scientists call this the “new starting effect,” and you must take advantage of it to begin your diet! 

People who start schemes on Monday are part of the most successful people’s healthier habits. This same feeling comes at the beginning of the month, so if the first is just around the corner, it is also a good candidate for one of your new habits!

The only warning: If you come across the wagon, do not wait until the following Monday (or 1st month) to start again. Each meal is a unique chance to make healthy choices, and every day is a unique opportunity to begin again. If you ruin yourself once, do not throw all your work. Start over again the following day!

the best day to start a diet


Sunday benefits from the same “new start” of the services of Monday, but you probably have a little more time. If one of the things you need to be better in your new healthier lifestyle is planning/preparation, Sunday can be your day. If you start your new habits on a day when you do not have to work, you will 

Have enough time to do grocery shopping, prepare meals or plan your new gym routine. If you need to reshape many aspects of your lifestyle, consider Sunday as your day.

The day after your birthday

The last day of “new fresh start” effective to start a new diet is the first year of a new year for you – the day after your birthday or your birthday of popular choices. Some people prefer these annual events for one week or a random month because they make the goal concrete. 

You may have heard of people who start these days when they are one year before many, like turning 40 or celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.

With an event/program

In addition to the “Fresh Start” starters, the other group of diet people who benefit from higher than average success rates in collaboration in their plans are people who start with a group / for an event. It is valid for people trying to be healthier in other aspects of their lives, like quitting. 

So, if your school or place of work soon welcomes a “Get healthy” challenge, consider registering! In addition to concrete frameworks for the objectives, the competitive nature of these challenges helps a lot of us to resist temptation and continue to grow.

best day to start a diet 2

Diet with Astrology

Whether I like to admit it or not, with the summer approaching, my mind is transformed into dropping a few books, ready to feel lighter on my feet.

In winter, I am often in bad habits around comforting foods, sugar, and feelings of my body, and the solution is to stick to a better way of life – including eating well and doing exercise.

And although I’m not about to start telling you what to eat or how to train, I can give you a cosmic overview of the best time to begin your weight loss care – according to astrology!

According to the stars, did you know that there is an excellent time to start anything? It is called election astrology, and it is helpful to start anything, whether it is a marriage, a company, an event, or an effort; the timing is the key in the cosmos.

The moon

Earth satellite, Luna, is responsible for regulating liquids – tides, large lakes, and oceans. Astrologically, the moon also governs our internal cycles, from menstruation to sleep patterns. Even a study makes it evident that sleeping on a full moon is more complicated.

It may be a tale of an old wife or hard to prove, but during the cycle towards a full moon, the body is more likely to hold the weight – so if you eat more hands at the full moon, the consequence could be more challenging to move.

As with anything, moderation is essential. However, some general startup points are explicitly looking at weight loss.

When to start a healthy power plan!

• The new beginnings can be made when the moon circulates; The intentions fixed on the new moon are when the energy is the coolest.

• Start taking action in an Aries moon to be fed with vitality, affirmation, and the ability to go alone.

• Start a healthy food plan in Gemini to be curious about your food, eager to learn new ways to eat fresh and varied.

• A new moon in cancer is ideal for focusing on how we feed ourselves.

• The new LEO moon is creative to prepare for a storm and incredibly energized for exercise plans.

• Virgin is the most conscious sign of health and will lend precision and practicality to your diet.

intermittent fasting for weight loss

Fast with the moon

It is essential to remember to drink plenty of water around the new moon because the body frees toxins, and the body could feel drier.

During the full moon, you might feel bloated, whether you are mounted, as well as the full moon is both when the body becomes more absorbent. The body is more receptive, sensitive, and permeable to alcohol, so pay attention to the substances you ingest – including products and oils on your skin. Another reason to drink more water, rinse the system.

Remember that the intention is everything and that the cosmos support you in everything you strive for, no matter what planets are up to it! It will be much better to visit your doctor or doctor before a diet.


It’s good to start something with a parallel start like New Year, the new week, and the new day is a chance to change your life and diet. The astrologer believes that election astrology helps a lot in the consistency of your efforts when you start specific to the moon phase. It is what you think and follow, but these are the best days to start a diet.

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